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Free Quick Online Estimation for the Value of your Property
Knowing what your home is worth is important information to have if you are thinking of selling your home.
Using the information you submit to us in the form in the side, we will conduct a thorough comparative market analysis by searching the database of all homes listed or sold in your area.
With this current market data, we will be able to determine what your home might sell for if you decided to put it on the market.

There is no cost or obligation for this valuable service.

Protection You Can Count On
Buying or selling a home is one of the biggest events in your life. Your RE/MAX agent understands that and works in your best interests to ensure it comes together quickly and under best circumstances. You get:
-Protection in case of delay or withdrawal by the buyer or seller
-Protection if the buyer or his/her spouse dies
-Legal assistance and protection

RE/MAX exclusive protection of the Tranquilli-T Program, guarantees your peace of mind!


Putting a property up for sale is a big step and having all the cards needed to have a winning transaction is paramount. Use our free professional services and online documentation to help you properly prepare this big step
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You are busy with work, the children, the routine... finding the ideal house is an exciting project that requires a lot of energy. As experts, we can offer you free documentation, powerful tools and sound advice that will help you make your real estate dream come true, rest assured!
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Your home is undoubtedly one of your greatest assets so when you are thinking of selling it makes sense to engage the services of professional real estate brokers like ourselves to navigate you through the entire complex process. Our team is committed to providing a highly responsive and professional

To Move or Not To Move, That Is The Question?
Should you buy or sell first
The price is right
To Sell Quickly, Make a Good
First Impression!
Protection You can Count On

Operation Enfant Soleil
Opération Enfant Soleil is a non-profit organization that raises funds to develop high-quality paediatrics and to contribute to social health projects for all the children in Quebec.

If there's no commission, there's no protection. Ask yourself a few questions...

Your RE/MAX Broker has the real estate expertise needed to help you steer clear of unfavourable events; your RE/MAX Broker represents your interests.
Your RE/MAX Broker possesses the accurate forms that legally protect your transaction. Moreover, your RE/MAX Broker has the acquired knowledge to devise clear and legal contracts that are in your best interest.
Your RE/MAX Broker has the responsibility to verify all pertinent information, such as the certificate of location, mortgage, taxes, etc., and has the legal know-how to help you avoid many worries.
Your RE/MAX Broker is properly insured with the Fonds d'assurance responsabilité professionnelle and the Fonds d'indemnisation du courtage immobilier should a problem arise.
Furthermore, your RE/MAX Broker is the only Broker who can offer you the exclusive Tranquilli-T1 program, which protects you in case of a death, delay or withdrawal, as well as giving you access to legal assistance.
Can you really afford to do without?

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